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Admire your garden while sipping a cup of tea or a glass of wine

The gazebo that Stood up against Hurricane Katrina

Why Should You Get A Gazebo?

"Simply Beautiful"

The main reason our customers love their gazebo is simply for its stunning aesthetics. It creates a graceful focal point for your outdoors.

A stunning focal point in your garden that lasts all year long


Everlasting beauty in your garden

by Vixen Hill Gazebos

Relax, Enjoy and SHOW OFF!
You’ve Earned It!

When do you relax and appreciate your garden in which you have put so much love and effort? Your gazebo is the sanctuary from which to admire your plantings, and a subtle way to present your masterpiece to your peers ;-)

If you have a view, you need a gazebo

Whether your property overlooks the ocean, a valley, a city, fields or a creek, a gazebo is the perfect place to admire your view.
“I just love looking at my gazebo through my kitchen window. It is simply so beautiful! For Christmas, I put a christmas tree in the middle of my gazebo and decorate everything with lights.” 
Caroll Stroud, Des Moines, Iowa
During fall, the colors were beautiful and our gazebo blended in perfectly. Everyone enjoys the quietness of the Gazebo. You feel so serene there.
Bob & Jane McLellan
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Request a FREE catalog NOW!

"Everlasting Beauty"

Your gazebo will brighten your garden in the dead of winter when all of your flowers have withered away.

And if you don't, your gazebo is your view!

A gazebo gives dimension to your landscape, and you will love catching a glimpse of it from your windows.

Bond, Hug, Kiss, Cuddle, LOVE

What is a more romantic place than a gazebo to take some tender time for you and a loved one ?

Create lifelong memories

For life's precious moments, weddings, new born pictures, birthdays, graduations, and family reunions... your gazebo will be there.

Gather Friends & Family in a unique atmosphere

Host your family for a picnic while children play hide and seek. Savour a nice diner with friends at twilight with a good bottle of Bordeaux.
We have gotten countless compliments on our gazebo. We absolutely lived there all's our son's favorite reading spot. Our gazebo turned out to be even more perfect then I hoped it would.
Jerry & Dean Anker, Bay City, MI
Our Gazebo is solid enough to have a squaredance with everyone jumping at once! Everyone says it is gorgeous. Thank you for providing a quality product.
Barbie Eatherton, Oregon House, CA

Vacation Retreat in Your Own Backyard

Your gazebo is your escape from the home its chores, worries and other distractions. This is where you can relax and recharge. A destination without leaving home.

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